Do People Tell You Your Child Should Model,

But You Don’t Know Where To Begin?

Here is your chance!

Whether you’re just starting to explore modeling as a fun activity for your child or looking to add something fresh to their current portfolio, Gregory knows just how to create photos that will get your child noticed AND how to make it an incredibly fun experience for BOTH of you. The 25 years he’s spent on the leading edge of children’s photography has made him something of an expert in the field (that and raising three kids of his own)!

See one mom’s story under  “testimonials” at the top of this page.




...............................Accent Teaming up with Groupon


If a picture worth 1000 words, you are going to have the equivalent of a book (or at least a really long essay) after taking advantage of today's deal: 2 hour session with Accent Photography and

at a fraction of typical cost - $45 instead of the usuall $125 you will have a session with industry leading master. And not just a mini-shoot either - this is the kind of shoot you can create a knock-out portfolio from if you want to. And if you don't want a portfolio, you'll have a ton of great portraits to choose from for the digital photo we are including with this offer.
We love getting calls from all the super-excited moms when our models get new jobs.

.............................More Demand Than Appointments

Moms want us to photograph their children all week long but our available modeling appointment times are limited.  A  2 - 3 week wait to get in front of Gregory’s camera is not uncommon due to the overwhelming demand for his expertise. You see, he photographs each model PERSONALLY. You can read what our clients say about him in the testimonials. We our extremely proud of our 99.9% client satisfaction rate for nearly 30 years.


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"I have been passionate about photography for over 25 years. I love photography, but more than that, I love helping my clients capture the moments in their lives that mean the most. That is what I have devoted my life to".

Gregory Gittsovich (AccentPhotoModels)