In-studio sessions are wonderful for just about everything. They really allow us to focus on expression and relationships. These sessions also allow us to create a more artistic, intimate and/or dramatic look. Wonderful collection of classical and contemporary backgrounds we offer allow us to create timeless and creative portraits that are a signature of our look. And we never have to worry about bad weather! All indoor sessions take place at our studo located at 3990 Zanzibar Lane, Plymouth MN 55446



We also have 3 outdoor locations to choose from. For more information about planning what to wear, click on the PREPARING FOR THE SESSION tab. We will be talking with you about this as well.







The Hilde Performance Center, (approximately) 3500 Plymouth Blvd, Plymouth MN 55447

The Hilde Performance Center is an open air stage, similar to the Lake Harriett Shell. Located behind City Hall/Public Safety Building complex and adjacent to the Life Time Fitness building.

Beautiful mature trees, fountains, flower vases, pond.You just cannot go wrong here! Great for any size group and style of photography, any time of year.

To see examples, CLICK HERE

Millennium Garden, 14800 34th Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55447

The Millennium Garden, located on the grounds of the Plymouth Creek Center, has quickly become a cherished part of our community for its beauty and tranquility. It features a variety of flower gardens, trails, walkways, fountains, a labyrinth and open space. This place is simply romantic. Great for small families, kids and engagement sessions.

To see examples, CLICK HERE

Noerenberg Memorial Gardens, 2865 Northshore Dr, Wayzata, MN 55391
This park has wonderful variety of options for making portraits and is known for its tranquility and spectacular beauty. Situated along the shore of Crystal Bay on Lake Minnetonka, Noerenberg is widely regarded as one of the finest formal gardens in Minnesota. Among its blend of perennials, annuals, trees, shrubs, and vines the garden features ornamental shade trees and a stand of conifers, an extensive daylily collection, and "Northern Lights" azaleas.

To see examples, CLICK HERE












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We have put together this section of our site to help you find the information you are looking for quickly and easily. To ensure you have the best experience possible using your Groupon, PLEASE review all this information before scheduling your appointment.

We’ve got a lot to share with you to ensure you have a wonderful experience working with us. The main steps in making your portrait session a reality is  scheduling the session, preparing for the session, being photographed of course :) and finally reviewing and ordering your portraits.

Please read all information on this site before scheduling your session. This will walk you through the process and show you how to schedule your session online.


Please click on this link – Book Now to get started.


We truly look forward to working with you and your family, and helping you build your legacy!!



Smart Tip #1- Directions to Accent Photography

You were automatically sent an email to the email address you provided in your online form. The email has direction to our studio plus other info. Print that email now and put a copy of it in your car. This way you will not get lost when coming to our studio. Our studio number is 763-383-0589
Please do not use Google maps to find our studio. They have our location in the wrong spot.


This is another link to directions to my photo studio


Smart Tip #2- What should you bring?


General guidelines for clothing-

mommy/daddy and me portraits (for babies 0-2 months old)- For newborns, bring the baby in a onesey so the the clothing is easy to remove. You don’t need special clothes for your baby. For moms… a black tube top (my clothing of choice for moms) or a long sleeve solid black blouse/shirt is great. For dad a long sleeve black shirt is perfect.  Moms… your hair and make-up should be done as if you are going out for the evening. Dads… shave before your portrait.

3 months olds- Bring only two outfits. That is plenty. Tip: darker tones look better than lighter tones. Solid colors are better than stripes or patterns. Avoid white, yellow or red clothing as these colors are poor choices for photography. Do the best you can BUT DO NOT STRESS OVER IT. No need to worry.

6 months old- This is the stage where most of the photos are traditional “naked butt” photos that have been done for generations. See my website for more samples of this type of photography at..
Accent Photography  .Bring only two outfits. That is plenty. Tip: darker tones look better than lighter tones. Solid colors are better than stripes or patterns. Avoid white, yellow or red clothing as these colors are poor choices for photography. Do the best you can BUT DO NOT STRESS OVER IT. No need to worry.

9 months old and older- For all other stages bring a whole bunch of outfits (more than 5) so we can decide what will look the best when you come. Tip: darker tones look better than lighter tones. Solid colors are better than stripes or patterns. Avoid white, yellow or red clothing as these colors are poor choices for photography. Do the best you can BUT DO NOT STRESS OVER IT. No need to worry. Hair should be kept of the eyes. Shoes may not necessary as we like to keep children barefoot. Do not put any makeup on your children and do not tell your child to say “cheez” please.


Smart Tip #3- Confirming your appointment


Have you ever had an appointment with someone and you HAD TO WAIT after your appointment time anyway?  30 minutes?  60 minutes?  Even longer?  Don’t you hate it? We do too!
There is no waiting here. Ever! We give you that kind of service because when we make an appointment for you, it’s for you and for you alone. Nobody is going to wait at our studio!
All we ask is that you confirm your appointment with us. It’s just common courtesy.
If we do not hear from you by 8:30 AM on the day of your appointment, we reserve the right to give your modeling appointment to someone on our waiting list.
Also please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment so you don’t have to rush.
We want to treat you with respect. We absolutely respect your valuable time. Please respect ours also? All we ask… is to call us and let us know if you are not coming by 8:30 AM and we will be happy to reschedule your session. Thank you!





Smart Tip #4- Frequently Asked Questions


How long will it be before my child can be photographed by Gregory?

Due to the incredibly high demand for our style of photography, it is not unusual for us to be booked 3-5 weeks in advance with Gregory’s other clients. It’s worth the wait! Gregory is considered a top photographer   in his field in Minnesota- in fact the nation. To this very day people fly in to Minnesota from other parts of the country just to have him photograph their families.

Is this scam?

Nope. It’s for real. Leave your credit cards and checkbook home.

Why is it so important to confirm appointment and show up on-time?

The Accent Photography and Framing studio prides itself apart from other studios. Gregory doesn’t like to have people wait. Ever! Have you ever gone to the doctor for an appointment only to wait and not be seen until an hour and a half later? We’ve all been through that. Gregory guarantees that the appointment we make for you is for you and you alone. No waiting ever! This is why Gregory wants all his appointment confirmed. If you do not confirm your time slot by 8:30 in the morning on the day of your appointment, the studio stuff will fill your spot with someone on Gregory’s “sold out” waiting list. If you can’t make your appointment just call us and let us know. It’s just common courtesy. He will be happy to reschedule your precious appointment- should something come up unexpectedly.
In order for Gregory to have all his appointment run smoothly, he must have his clients arrive on-time. Otherwise he cannot do his job properly and in a timely manner-and what’s the best for your child. Plan to arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled time slot so Gregory can give you his best talent. This is not a chain store type studio. We want to treat you with the utmost respect but Gregory cannot do his finest work if you are late.